Introduction is the IP (Intellectual Property) of Scholars Ink Group PLT. This platform acted as the Scholars Ink digital fronting in order to achieve its vision and mission.


Scholars Ink aims to encourage the growth of changemakers for social impact among the vulnerable communities by integrating the qualities of faith, survival skills, education and empowerment to uplift the livelihood of the community by the year 2030 


  • To initiate social impact through early childhood education
  • To encourage sectors collaboration from various fields in order to maximize the impact to materialize the vision. 
  • To restore faith in humanity through social impact initiative and activities
  • To empower the vulnerable community to be able to sustain and improve their livelihoods.
  • To shape the vulnerable community into the resilient community
  • To advocate on behalf of the vulnerable communities in order to raise awareness among the society members.



To improve the quality of education and skills and promote social impact via educational platforms for all


To produce quality and safe content for children in this technological borderless world. Focusing on their spiritual, mental and psychological needs 


Operation Beyond

To maintain the sustainability of vulnerable communities aside from commercial goals

Education & Empowerment


Foundation of sustainable society towards a better life and future 


Enhancement Of Skills & Quality Education

Survival of life’s insistence through realistic means of skill-based industries


Redefining Volunteerism

To reintroduce volunteerism as a preferred profession with justified returns

Principle Of Sustainability

To leave no one behind in all aspects of sustainable needs in accordance with the 17 Sustainable SDGs

Reconstructing Mindset About Vulnerable Communities

Propagate the importance of collective resilient society-building

Our Products

Keettoon Habitat

An initiative for volunteerism focusing on women, children and emergency cases

Scholars Ink Publication

A publication house driven towards social impact, focusing on kids as the target market by providing quality books integrating Islam and Sciences

Keettoon TV

An online educational hub providing contents which cater to children’s spiritual, mental and psychological needs.

Yusuf & Sara Philanthropreneur Club

An exceptional club, aimed to groom and nurture young talents. Driven towards impact which combines both philanthropy and entrepreneurship. 

BAKAT KITA – Talent Center

A center located in KL designed to groom hidden gems from vulnerable communities through intensive and extensive practical module by certified mentors.


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Scholars Ink Group PLT

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