Area of Focus

Education – Keettoon TV aims to elevate the education standard of children from vulnerable communities and those surviving in poor urban areas. Every child should be equipped with the soft skills and also hands-on skills to face challenges in the rapidly changing technological world.

Women empowerment – Keettoon TV envisages a society where women are empowered to help sustain and support their people especially within the vulnerable communities. Through extensive training and coaching, their potential can be discovered and polished in various fields. 

Relief – Aside from the main target of children and women empowerment, Keettoon TV also aspires to cater emergency cases requiring immediate financial aid response such as natural disasters.

Current Project

Under Scholars Ink’s capacities as a publishing house, part of the profit gained from the books sold is donated to the selected communities. Furthermore, onground volunteerism is also coordinated to directly reach out and aid them in both moral and physical supports.

Mentoring – We believe that through extensive and intensive coaching, the hidden skills of the people belonging from the vulnerable communities can be polished. We are proud and honored to announce that the very first brand embracing this effort is Omma Esabel (OE) clothing line.The first mentoring by Omma Esabel has agreed to guide selected members of the vulnerable communities step by step according to specific modules in a span of one and a half year. The module incorporates not only the theory of fashion design and production but also the practical and hands-on module. Omma Esabel will guide the participants through ‘on-job training’ starting from designing to modelling and promoting the clothing pieces through Omma Esabel platforms. This will allow the participants to dive deeper into the industry which they are not exposed to before and can apply the knowledge gained to sustain their families and communities as a whole.


By joining the Keettoon Habitat, you are entitled to various opportunities in the social sector to help build a more sustainable and resilient society globally.

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Benefits for Volunteers

    • Global MindSet – To achieve the new paradigm of the social sector, we believe that it is of utmost importance that we equip the volunteers with a comprehensive training program so that a standard of professionalism is benchmarked for reliable and trusted service from Keettoon Habitat volunteers. Through the renewal of the global mind set about the volunteering world, we believe that more vulnerable communities can be reached and empowered through collective efforts. 
    • International Exploration – Besides, the volunteers are able to venture into international borders and gain wider experience and insight about the sector beyond the local domain.
    • SoCash ®  – We believe that rewarding volunteers will be a (pemangkin, booster) so they would serve unconditionally. Thus through the SoCash system, volunteers’ contribution hours will be measured and converted into cash value via digital platforms. You may refer to rewards measurement tools/table***** to understand the flow of the rewarding system. 
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Past Activities

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