How do I donate?

You can donate to our various fundraisings by clicking this link.

Can I use the Keettoon Habitat logo to fundraise?
  • MOU (approval) is needed between both parties (keettoon Habitat and the collaborator) to get a mutual agreement on the terms and conditions
  • We very much appreciate any fundraising done on behalf of Keettoon Habitat to be donated for the vulnerable communities.
  • Any collaborators interested in joining with the Keettoon Habitat towards a sustainable communities growth are also welcomed. 
What are the kinds of projects that can call for a fundraising?

Keettoon Habitat focuses on several issues which require fundraising such as in the spheres of education, women empowerment and emergency cases requiring immediate response.

How do I nominate a percentage of my business profit to be donated through Keettoon Habitat?
  • Through a mutual agreement (M.O.A) between both Keettoon Habitat and collaborators. 
  • We are more than honored to receive the amount which has been decided by the collaborators.