What are the privileges that one has as a volunteer?
  • Members are able to vote through the Annual Keettoon Conference that takes place to discuss the direction that we should take for the betterment of society’s sustainability growth. 
  • Each member will receive a copy of the annual report pertaining to projects done throughout the previous year.
  • Volunteers will give hands-on support for Keettoon’s social initiatives through numerous ways, including administrative exercises or during the event or program.
What are the requirements to sign up to be a volunteer?
  • As long as an applicant is above 18 years of age and shares the same objectives which the Keettoon Habitat holds in respect to humanity and social sustainability, there is always space for consideration.
  • Volunteers will be chosen by the Executive Members of the Keettoon Habitat based on the needs of an emergency case and the skills set which an applicant is equipped with.  
What are the advantages and opportunities that can be achieved through volunteering?
  • We believe that too much hands spoil the broth only if one is not equipped with the relevant skills set to be used on the field, thus volunteers under the Keettoon Habitat will be given the relevant training to ensure effective and smooth sailing of the social initiative programs. 
  • Social initiative programs with the Keettoon Habitat will take place not only within the local vicinity but also across the globe which will enhance the volunteers’ insight of global society beyond national borders.
Which are the communities that will benefit from the volunteering?
  • Keettoon Habitat aims to extend a helping hand for sustainable growth to as many vulnerable communities that we can.
  • For now, Keettoon Habitat has collaborated with various NGOs and has coordinated fundraisings and programs towards sustainable growth and to give hope to the vulnerable communities such as refugee communities i.e. Afghan Community Center in Ampang, Somali Community Center in Gombak and Rohingya Community in Selayang.
How do I channel/file a complaint if I am dissatisfied with my experience during any of the volunteering programs?

If there are any issues which demand further attention regarding your experience as a volunteer, a complaint can be filed through this link.

How to sign up?

Please visit the link and fill up the form to sign up as a member.