Prophet Nuh


Main theme:

The Prophets of Islam series tells about the history of the Prophets (Peace be upon them) with interesting activites to do throughout the story and questions to ponder upon that can be asked to the children. This book is written to help build the children’s character through noble people from the Prophetic period and for them to enjoy the journey with fun activities.


What kids will learn:

Aside from the main story itself, there are questions included in the book which could enhance the children’s general knowledge of the Islamic history and culture.The story centers around Prophet Nuh AS and his voyage with various beings in his mighty ship.


Interesting features:

Trivia questions about the Prophet PBUH and Muslims around the world which could make the kids aware of other Muslim cultures aside their own. Besides, engaging activities are also included such as having the children to count the number of items in the pages. The book also has Qur’anic verse or Hadith as a reference that relates to the story.