Application for Returns/Refunds
Abiding by this Refunds and Return Policy and the Terms of Service, the application for return of items purchased by the Buyer and/or refund may be requested by the Buyer in accordance with the dues mentioned in the section of Scholars Ink Guarantee Period as stated in the Terms of of Service. The Scholars Ink Guarantee is one of the services by Scholars Ink in order to assist both parties, the seller and the buyers in cases where any dispute were to happen throughout the process of transactions. The Scholars Ink Guarantee provides a guideline in order to solve any possible issues that may arise and should be referred to prior to the referral of the relevant local authorities, if needed be.  Terms of Service - Scholars Ink Guarantee - Scholars Ink Guarantee Period
Application for the Return of an Item
The application for the refund and/or return of the Item by the Buyer can only be made under the circumstance(s) that:
  • The buyer has yet to receive the purchased Item;
  • Upon deliver, the Item has become damaged and/or faulty;
  • The Item which arrived to Buyer does not meet with the described specification by the Seller (e.g. wrong book, wrong variation of series, etc.);
  • The description given by Seller in the Item listing does not materially match with the Item that arrived to Buyer.
Application by the Buyer must be submitted through the website. A review will be done by Scholars Ink team to decide and determine the success of the Buyer’s application.  In cases whereby the Buyer has initiated a legal action against the Seller, the Buyer must provide Scholars Ink with the formal legalities from appropriate authority which will result to the decision of a refund to be on hold until a formal determination is available. 
Rights of Seller
When a Buyer sends an application for the return of items purchased and/or refund, Scholars Ink will respond to the application in accordance with the written notification. Within the time stipulated contained in the written notification, Scholars Ink will respond and act accordingly on a case-by-case basis to determine and assess the success of Buyer’s application. “Stipulated period” – written notification
Condition of Returning Item
In order to ensure a smooth process of item return, it is best that a picture is taken by the Buyer as a proof of the condition of Item upon arrival to Buyer. The Item(s) purchased must be returned to Scholars Ink in the condition received by the Buyer alongside with any accompanying items such as accessories.
Liability of Product Return Shipping Fee
  1. The shipping fee for the process of returning the Item to Scholars Ink purchased by the Buyer will be the burden of Scholars Ink, if any unforeseen error (damaged or incorrect product) were to happen from the seller’s end.
  2. In the case whereby the Buyer changes his/her mind regarding the returned Item(s), the shipping fee to retrieve the shipped Item will be the burden of the Buyer.
  3. Scholars Ink, under its sole discretion, will decide the bearer of the shipping fee cost in the case where the bearer of the fee could not be decided.
Buyer will only be refunded with the correct Item after the Buyer has shipped the faulty/damaged Item to Scholars Ink and upon the arrival of the Item(s) to Scholars Ink. The refund will involve the Buyer shipping the faulty/incorrect Item to Scholars Ink and consequently the shipping of the correct Item by Scholars Ink to the Buyer. The information regarding Scholars Ink response time limits is available through this link.
Communication Between Buyer and Seller
Scholars Ink encourages the Buyer to directly contact Scholars Ink if an issue arises during a transaction relating to the purchase of an Item from Scholars Ink.